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The Benefits of Traditional Games

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The Benefits of Traditional Games

Playing traditional games is really good for children, because traditional games have many benefits, there are: developing the creativity, learning to be a fair player, developing the multiple intelligence and help to preserve Indonesian culture.
I.                   Developing the creativity
a.       Can play with anything that can be found
b.      Just need a simple tool
c.       Kids made their own toys
II.                Learning to be a fair player
a.       Teaching kids to appreciate their friends
b.      Teaching kids the meaning of honesty
c.       Getting sanctions from thier friends
III.             Developing the multiple intelligences for kids
a.       Can develop their kinesthetic intelligence
b.      Can develop their interpersonal intelligence
IV.             Help to preserve Indonesian culture
a.       Know the Traditional games
b.      Playing Traditional games

Do you still remember Go back to door, Petak Umpet or Gasingan? In your childhood, did you play them with your friends? Do you play it until now? The games like that were really popular in 1990’s. We usually played it with our friends at home, school or everywhere. Do you know what are games called? We call them Traditional games. Traditional games are simple games that had existed and usually played by children. Indonesian people usually call them children games. Traditional games are usually played in group. In one group usually consists of 2 people or more. So, we just need some people and teamwork to play them. But, in this globalisasion era, children seldom play the traditional games. They choose to play their Play station, Tab or I-pad everyday and that make them so lazy. Whereas traditional games have many benefits, there are: Developing the creativity, Learning to be a fair player, Developing the multiple intelligences for children and Help to preserve Indonesian culture.

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The first, traditional games can develop children creativity. We know that traditional games are kinds of simple games. It just needs something like wood or yard/rope and some people to play this games.  For example Gasingan. Gasingan is a game that made from wood, bamboo or clay and rope which is formed traditionally till it has spike as axis. Children just need a sharp thing like knife to form a wood to be a Gasingan. The way to play it is children just need to roll the rope on the body of Gasing and to trhow the gasing to play it. Those tools are really easy for children to be found and made. That make them feel free to create something, even if it just a simple game. The traditional games made from simple tools too, there are no electronic tools or something that made by industry. Sometimes, traditional games that made by tools are not used anymore, however children learn to develop their imajination to make it interesting. Children can create it easily. No matter where or who, if they  find the tools, they can play traditional games. because of that, the traditional game can develop their creativity.
The second, benefits of traditional games is children can learn to be a fair player. That because traditional games are kinds of group games, so they learn how to appreciate their friends. Traditional games teaching children the meaning of honesty too. They can’t cheat because too many witnesses in this games. for example,Go back to door. Go back to door is a games that consist of 2 group that try to prevent the rival to pasts 3 lines until the last row. If one of them cheat, the other children will give a sanctions like doing repetition games or not be included in the next game. That can make the children rethink to cheat.
The third is traditional games can develop the multiple intelligences for children. There are 9 types of multiple intelligence. Linguistic intelligence, logic/mathematic intelligence, visual/spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, naturalist intelligence, existential intelligence. For traditional games, developing kinesthetic intelligence and interpersonal intlelligence are highly exposed. Kinesthetic intelligence is intelligence that includes athleticism and an awareness of one's body or we can call it as physical intelligence. This is important for them, because by developing this intelligence children can be more healthy and energetic. They will not still sit or just stand. For example kasti. Kasti is a traditional game that similar with softball. In this game, children try to reach a finish line without untouched the ball. This game push them to run or jump. Therefore, traditional games can help children to develop their kinesthetic intelligence And traditional games can develop their interpersonal intelligence. Interpersonal intelligence is intelligence that includes understand and cooperate with other. Traditional games need some people to play, so we need good teamwork to win. In teamwork, communication is important. If the group of player have poor communication, they can’t unified and it makes them lose. So, they can learn how to make a good communication, unconsciously they learn to care each other. That is why traditional games can help children developing their interpersonal intelligence.
The last, traditional games can make children help to preserve Indonesian culture, because traditional games are part of Indonesian culture. Introduceing the children to traditional games is the first step that can we do. For example, parents can tell their children about some of traditional games and play traditional games together. After knowing the game’s name, how to play and the rules, children will try to play them. Therefore, they help to preserve Indonesian culture.  

Playing Traditional games is really good, especially for children. Because Traditional games have some benefits, there are developing the creativity, children learning to be a fair player, developing the multiple intelligence, and children help to preserve Indonesian culture. We must help to preserve traditional games. for our next generation who can respect and protect our Indonesian culture. (Ambar)

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