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Selasa, April 23

Mass Collaboration Comm 5 Vaganza In Digital Era

Mass Collaboration Comm 5 Vaganza In Digital Era

COMMVAGANZA 5.0 MASS COLLABORATION IN DIGITAL ERA will be held on April 27th 2019 at Taman Budaya Bandarlampung.
There are a alot of activities that you can follow, such as: Media Exhibition, Band Live Performance, Community Workshop, and Bazaar and thats all for FREE❗❗ You just need to come and join the party! ✨

And, we also held a National Seminar "What Should You Do With Your Passion In Digital Era" with @agunghapsah as a speakers and hosted by @geryardian . Only 50k, you can get ticket and discuss with him on this awesome seminar.

So, what are you waiting for? Come, be part of #commvaganza5 and make a new life story! ✨

#commvaganza5 #commvaganza2019 #terserah #lonyeselgakdateng 


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